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Science is taught to all children in both KS1 and KS2 for two sessions per week (generally in an afternoon and often in consecutive sessions). The topics taught are determined by the Programme of Study developed in 2014 and skills within each topic are developed throughout KS1 and KS2.  The theme of Working Scientifically underpins all the topics in the Programme of Study and these skills are developed throughout KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2.





In all year groups, children will be given the opportunity to discuss, question, debate, make models, investigate, test and record. This will be achieved through working collaboratively as a whole class, or in groups, pairs and individual situations.

Through Science, children will be given the opportunity to acquire a way of thinking and working that will serve to form a basis for understanding the world within which we all live.

Science is apparent in most aspects of modern life and building knowledge of Science and developing an understanding of its nature are important in enabling all pupils to develop into their adult lives.

The scientific methodology of predicting, testing, observing, recording and drawing conclusions based on the evidence available will provide models in which children will learn to solve problems and understand the world around them and hopefully help to satisfy their own curiosity.

Our aim is to ensure that the Science we teach our children enables them to develop scientific skills, knowledge, understanding and a way of thinking.

The teaching of Science will be set within a topic wherever possible, but may also be subject or adapted to give insight into current trending topics, such as global warming and extreme weather systems and events. This ensures learning has meaning and purpose, allowing all children to appreciate the significance of their work and its' relevance to everyday life.


Special Experiences

To celebrate successes in Science and to promote all aspects of the subject, each year we hold a Science Week in school. This often means having specialist visitors invited into school who can provide children with a wide range of experiences not covered in the statutory curriculum.  We are also developing links with STEM, which will allow us to bring in specialist scientists to deliver specific elements of our curriculum to further engage pupils and to give those with a thirst for Science, access to someone who can provide career advice.

Developing Links with STEM 

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