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  • Homework

We have changed the way in which homework will be set at Barkisland School!

Homework from school will now be in the form of TALKING HOMEWORK.  Each Friday, your child will bring home a sheet which details the Talking Homework.  Each class's Talking Homework will also be posted here on the website.

Project Style homework will also be set for Y1 to Y6 and will be limited to 2 projects per school year, per class.  The projects always stir a lot of imagination and the finished products are always amazing!  There is a time period of 4 weeks set for this project work to be completed.  The talking homework will still run whilst a project is running.  Please see the projects set for this school year:


Year 1

The Great Fire of London

Spring 1

Seaside Projects

Summer 2

Year 2

Hansel & Gretal

Autumn 1

Intrepid Explorers

Summer 1

Year 3

Skara Brae & Stone Age Homes

Autumn 1

Ancient Greeks

Summer 2

Year 4

What the Romans did for us

Autumn 2

Exploring Ancient Egypt

Summer 2

Year 5

Incredible Invaders

Spring 2

The Railway Children and/or Forces

Summer 1

Year 6

WW2 Shelters

Spring 1

Sport & Technology

Summer 2

We hope these changes to our homework procedures are welcome news! Please speak to a member of our staff team should you have any questions.