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Moving onto Secondary School

As you may be aware, moving from Year 6 into Year 7 can be a daunting experience. 

It is an important and exciting step in the life of any child although it can cause parents and children some anxieties.  

The information contained in this section, has been designed to allay some of those anxieties and to provide you with answers to the many questions regarding the transition to secondary school.

Which school should we choose?

We are a natural 'feeder school' for Ryburn Valley High School. 

You should be aware that the Local Authority operates a Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme for pupils transfering to secondary school (although this can be subject to change).  This is in accordance with legislation and the Government's School Admissions Code of Practice.  A co-ordindated admissions scheme seeks to ensure that every pupil in the country receives an offer of a school place on the same day.

The scheme operates in such a way that all parental preferences are considered equally.  However, the schools have to be expressed in order of preference.  In the event of a child being eligible for a place at more than one school, only one offer of a place will be made.  This will be at the highest expressed preference of school for which the child is eligible (for the purpose of clarity, this is not a 'First Preference First' scheme and priority will not be given to first preferences over second or third preferences).

Parents of children resident in Calderdale can express up to five preferences for schools including schools in other local authorities.  For out of authority schools however, parents should contact the relevant local authority for information about the schools' over subscription criteria.  The Local Authority will send out to each child, in Calderdale (in late June when your child will still be in Year 5), a leaflet entitled 'Admission to Secondary School'. This will detail everything you need to do to apply for a secondary school place.  All applications are now submitted online, (please contact school if you need any further support with this).  All applications need to be completed and submitted by 31st October each year.  It is important that is deadline is met, otherwise you may jeopardise your choice.

All secondary schools in Calderdale hold open evenings to give parents and prospective students a feel for the school and to meet staff and pupils.  These evenings are usually held in late September/early October and are scheduled to enable you to make your choices in good time for submitting your Common Preference Form.

Grammar Schools

There are two Grammar Schools within Calderdale that parents may choose for their child - The Crossley Heath Grammar School and The North Halifax Grammar School.

In order that a child is eligible to take the admission test for The Crossley Heath Grammar School and The North Halifax Grammar School, parents must express that school as a preference. If parents wish their child to be considered for both schools, these must be shown as two separate preferences on their application.

Should my child sit the Grammar School entrance exam?

This is a question that causes a lot of parents and children a certain amount of anxiety.  Do we choose a comprehensive or grammar school for our child?  In order for your child to attend a grammar school in Calderdale, they must sit the Entrance exam (11+ Test) held in the October before your child is due to move to secondary school.

In order for your child to be able to sit the Entrance exam, it is wise to discuss the issue with your child's class teacher.  Your child's class teacher will be able to tell you at what level your child is currently working at. There are however, elements of the Entrance exam that we do not cover as part of the National Curriculum.  You should also be sure that your child will continue to blossom in a grammar school environment.