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  • Inclusion

Our Inclusion Statement

It is our aim to provide an education for children of all abilities. We believe children deserve an education that encourages and motivates them to achieve their full potential. The way the curriculum is delivered allows each pupil to learn at a pace that is appropriate for them.

Children identified as having Special Needs will, after discussion with parents, be entered on the Special Needs Register. Work is set according to a child's ability by the class teacher. The Inclusion Manager will advise and work with the class teacher and draw up a programme of work, with specific targets to help children who are experiencing difficulties. The Inclusion Manager also liaises with other specialists, if appropriate. The progress of children on the Special Needs Register is reviewed termly by teachers, with parents.

Opportunities are offered for more able pupils to fully develop their abilities within the context of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural framework which exists in our school.

'Able' pupils are those who demonstrate in one or more area:

  • a high ability when viewed against national norms
  • have a particular skill and ability in discrete areas, such as art, maths, English, music, PE
  • demonstrate very distinctive needs that require a significant modification of the curriculum.

Below are links to our Inclusion documents. If you have any questions regarding inclusion please do not hesitate to speak with your child's classteacher or Miss Tara Speight, our School Inclusion Manager. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Our policies and statements are monitored, updated and reviewed regularly by Miss Speight and appropriate bodies.