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  • Eating smarties (Maths)

In year 3 we love practical activites and Miss Martin has discovered that the more fun, engaging and crazy the lessons are the better the work we produce. In Maths we have been learning about fractions (oh no fractions, i hear parents saying), we have just gone fraction crazy, we love them. This week we have used smarties to find fractions of an amount, additon of fractions, equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Mrs schofield even popped in and joined in the FUN! 

At Barkisland school we have taken on a topic approach to Maths (as you will be aware), this means that the children are gaining a deeper knowledge and understaning of mathematical concepts. Lessons such as the one we have completed today enable chidlren to have fun while learning which is something we always strive to do. The learning that comes from such a lesson is very evident through the work the children produce.